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Hi, my name is Maurice and currently living in Antwerp, Belgium.
I’m 39 years old, married with my beautiful wife Merce and father of a 3 year old son AND I’m living the life of my dreams!

Thanks for visiting my blog ūüôā

You might landed on this page because…

a)¬†You’re engaged¬†in the Internet Home Business industry through network, internet of affiliate marketing,
b)¬†You’re considering to get started in this booming¬†and free-setting¬†industry OR
c)¬†You’re just curious and want to know and learn more.

Anyway, whatever your reasons are, you’re at the right place because we (myself & our team) help internet marketers to grow their Online Business by getting¬†more Leads, recruiting more Reps, increase the¬†Conversions and eventually make more Sales so that you can¬†become a top internet earner!

On this page I would like to tell you a little bit more about myself, how I ended up in the Home Business industry, what drove me this way
and what I can offer you; how we can work together and create the opportunity for you that works!
An opportunity towards a life without limits!

Why the Home Business Industry?

Well for me that became the obvious and best choice. Let me explain…

I grew up in a real entrepreneurs family and I definitely inherited this “microbe”.
Since I was young I always was looking for ways to start my own business.
My¬†dream was to start my own Restaurant and becoming a Chef, because cooking is¬†one of my¬†passions. Only,¬†for some reason I did not pursue…
Because being young and inexperienced, I let my decisions to be influenced too much by what my parents thought what was right… Ultimately it ended up in frustrations and regrets.

Finally I ended up studying Industrial Engineering and pursuing a careers in the drinking water treatment industry and Oil industry. Though with every job I occupied there’s was always the strong urge to go my own way…
In that quest I tried several business opportunities to provide me the means to really start on my own.

My first modest steps in Home Business Industry was through a well known MLM Company back in 2008, Herbalife.
And to be honest their products and business plans are great! You can build a good & profitable business with it. Only for me, at that time, it was not working… I’m not the type to go to weekly or monthly seminars and do house-calls etc. I’m more of an introvert type who likes to work from his own base.¬†And at that time the Internet was not that “open” yet to the general public to perform the Herbalife/MLM business from home behind your computer.

Fast forward to 2011, I was still working as a normal employee, I came across a program called “Just Been Paid” (Ad Click Xpress nowadays).
Boy this was an eye-opener for me! Get paid for watching websites and referring other people to the program; I got in touch with Affiliate Marketing! Just been Paid

Since then the road has gone steadily up! First by earning some nice bucks through programs like Just Been Paid and then making money by selling other people’s stuff on the internet and get paid by the commissions.

It came that far that I was finally able to quit my regular job and focus my work totally on the Home Base Industry. Because it has so much to offer, there are so many things you can do online to make money.
Let me just name one that really can make a difference… CLICKBANK! This website is the¬†Valhalla for Internet Entrepreneurs. It’s a database where you can find products to sell online.
Take a look here

Where to Start?

There’s a downside to this Home Based Industry as well. When trying to sell products online, a lot of people/newbies tend to get lost… Trying too many things at ounce and eventually making no money at all! Frustration and a feeling of betrayal sets in.
Asking yourself questions like “What did I do wrong? Why am I not successful and others are? What is the Secret ingredient?” etc.

Well, you’re not alone. I was one of them as well. Buying course and software tools, so many that I lost count.
Luckily for me a colleague pointed me to a different direction, focusing my attention to programs that offer the ‘whole deal’: quality training for a profitable online business accompanied with quality products/courses which you can sell as an affiliate.
I’m talking about programs like Empower Network and MOBE.¬†These programs are really teaching what you need to know about Online Marketing! When looking for added value, these are the programs I would recommend with MOBE being my personal favorite!¬†

The programs are there to help YOU succeed and to create your own product when you want!
Some of the subjects you will get in touch with during the training: Social Media advertising, Google Advertising, Banner advertising, Sales Funnels, Increasing Conversions, Traffic Tools, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, etc. All marketing tools that belong to the Internet Marketing niche which you need to make it a success.

Just imagine you would have to figure this out all on your own… It’s almost impossible! That’s why we are here to help YOU!I am Boss
Because wouldn’t it be great if You can get a piece of the enormous pie? Get some real earnings through the viral channel…?¬†

Just imagine, you have a small business selling handmade jewelry or working as consultancy agency.
Your business is going well but you like to take it to the next level and start promoting your products/services on the Internet, maybe even on Social Media… Where do you start, what do you do?

a) You can hire an expensive internet professional to do the work for you or
b)¬†You do it yourself and create at the same time a secondary income for yourself…
The choice is yours!

If you choose option a) then I wish you a lot of success! It’s a good choice, the yellow pages can help you find someone.¬†
If you choose option b) then this is your stop! Because Internet Marketing is not hard, you just need some guidance and a platform to work from and to promote your business. 
You can choose several ways of promoting your business through Internet Marketing, whatever this business might be; Licensed Products, offline products, online products, e-commerce, software, services,¬†MLM products like Herbalife, WIN, Nu Skin, Organo Gold,… you name it! The internet is open to everybody, now you just need to learn how to use it.

That’s where we step in!

Let me & our team be your coach: teach you, advice you & point you in the right direction.
Enroll for our 21 step training plan and start making that change. 

Determine for yourself if this is something for you: are you willing to take the decision and get started in the booming Home Business Industry.

When finally Successful you’ll enter the world of TIME FREEDOM and CHOICE FREEDOM. You’ll feel liberated and energized to share your story with others, just like I’m doing.
Because there’s no better feeling if you can help others to achieve their dreams.


What I Did


Need More ammunition?

Start reading books of Successful Entrepreneurs … it will give you a clear view of what we’re talking about.

  1. Get the IM Revolution E-book! A must have for every Home Based Business entrepreneur.
  2. Read¬†“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” of Robert Kiyosaki.
  3. Read “Think and grow Rich” of Napoleon Hill.
  4. Read this short interview of Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump on the Network Marketing business industry.


After, when you’re ready the take a decision, just send me an email and I will help you to get started.
Email me at info@eachdaypaid.com

Make it a great day!


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Skype: morre27

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